Did you know that the latest Corsairs have:

  • 12 mm front windows and 8 mm side windows
  • A unique skeg keel designed to give full propellor, shaft and rudder protection. (This so dramatically improved the tracking and downwind performance it has become a standard feature and we have also retrofitted it to bigger Salthouse vessels and even one Corsair Caprice with great benefits)
  • The hull strength has been increased in the Salthouse Corsair sedan model, with higher cruise speeds and top speed capability, additional thought ships bulkheads were added forward of the engine room.
  • Twin Common Rail 370HP Yanmar engines are standard. These are quiet and smooth V8 motors with 180 amp hour alternators as standard. (I would add that these engines are the most expensive in their class in NZ)

Our water and fuel/range is far greater than other imports with almost 800 litres of water and 900 litres of fuel.

 Max cruise is 27 knots at 130 lph total = 186 NM range

18 knots 65 lph total                   =  249 NM range

12 knots 28 lph total                   = 385 NM range

10 knots 15 lph total                   = 600 NM range

9.7 knot 11.5 lph total                 = 759 NM range

7.7 knots 5.6 lph total                 = 1237 NM range

6.6 knots 3.4 lph total                 = 1720 NM range

5 knots 2.4 lph total                    = 1875 NM range

speed. = 2250 NM 4 knots 1.6 lph total  idle range

We fit a Genset as standard. The Genset is fantastic for battery charging and hot water supply as well as higher output Coffee machines, kettles and microwave cooking etc. This effectively makes the vessel self-sufficient for very long periods.
Terms of Purchase
Your Salthouse Corsair can be purchased with a 25 % deposit on a fixed price basis including shipping, insurance, GST and commissioning to NZ with the balance paid prior to shipping from the factory.
The Resale price of this model and in general Salthouse designs are very high. Historically I have seen the majority of our vessels from Corsairs to Coastal 32’s to Salthouse 50’ to 63’ ranges hold their price or in some cases sell for considerably more than the new build price. This is due to the strong Salthouse Brand and reputation for boats that last for an incredibly long time. Because the Hull and Decks are well over engineered refits and repainting has become the norm for the oldest of these models.


Dean Salthouse