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About Hylas

Hylas yachts are equipped with top of the line equipment and engineering with a blend of functionality and comfort designed to meet the most stringent cruising needs of the discerning yachtsman. Hylas is also dedicated to providing the ultimate service and support for years to come to ensure yacht owners experience is among the best.

Luxury Design

When you think of luxury yachts, Hylas is superior in every aspect. Owners will enjoy the world-class level of comfort and luxury throughout that is synonymous with the Hylas brand. Every Hylas is built to a standard that includes owner’s customized specifications, and choices reflecting their personal taste and style that is evident throughout. Only the highest quality materials designed for the marine environment are used. Whether you are enjoying the handcrafted luxury interiors or the spacious deck space above, Hylas delivers on its reputation for the ultimate cruising experience.


Their house design team is ready to interpret your desires and preferences in an efficient, tasteful and seaworthy manner and you will not have to pay for a big ticket interior designer as happens with other brands.  After you order your boat you will come to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the center of yacht building in Asia with more than sixty builders in operation, and meet our designers, see our showroom and visit our yachts in build and learn with our artisans and technologists how a modern yet timeless yacht is built: Your Hylas Dream Yacht.


Standing on a legacy of core values and tradition, Queen Long Marine has been shaping the future with its innovative, award-winning, luxury Hylas Yachts for over 30 years. Delivering only world-class, superior quality and the top level of comfort is what sets the Hylas brand apart and delivers the experience proud owners have come to expect.


Built on years of hard work and a higher standard, Queen Long Marine’s dedication and passion have earned the reputation as one of the finest yacht builders in the world. Every Hylas yacht is meticulously crafted by experienced master builders that transform owners personal and custom expectations into a reality. Come and experience Hylas at it’s best.