1/6th Share of Brand New Salthouse Corsair 44

We now have the Yacht Collective Seeking Expressions of Interest – 1/6th Share of Brand New Salthouse Corsair 44 estimated cost $195,000 per share.

The Yacht Collective offers the opportunity to be a part of a yacht syndication programme which gives clients a complete yachting experience without the added stress or hassles of sole boat ownership.

If you would like to own a boat but lack time and money to invest fully, syndication provides the following benefits:

  • You own your share of the boat and share the maintenance and running costs

  • Vessel is fully equipped and always ready for you to use

  • Vessel is professionally cleaned and maintained

  • Vessel has central Auckland berthage

  • You have access to the boat fifty-four days a year plus unlimited standby days

The Yacht Collective will provide extensive training provided on how to use, anchor and berth the vessel, so all levels of experience welcome

* An annual use charge and rules relating to the allocation of boat use will likely apply if they proceed with an offer in accordance with the Financial Markets Act 2013 ("FMCA"). Other aspects of any final offer may differ from our original intent.

Currently The Yacht Collective are seeking preliminary expressions of interest only in respect of this potential opportunity please note in particular no money is currently being sought;
financial products (including shares in the boat or any other financial products) cannot currently be applied for or acquired under their intended offer; and if an offer is made by The Yacht Collective, the offer will be made in accordance with the FMCA.